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вторник, 22 декабря 2009 г.

Gish Jen "Typical American"

"Typical american" is truly an american story about the cultural, social, and monetary difficulty of immigration. Gish Jen writes intelligent, funny, heartbreaking novel about young man who has come to America to study to be an engineer and then return to China. His sister, Theresa, is able to reach the US with a family friend and finds a perfect wife for him. Together they make the american dream come true: making money in fast food, buying house in the suburbs.
Good read!

John Burns "Hack"

If you are into comedy, thrillers, then "Hack" is for you."Hack" by John Burns is one of the most entertaining books. There were two splashes in London that night: the first was a body dropping into the Thames with a bullet hole in its head; and the second was tabloid crime hack Max Chard's exclusive story on the killing. But murder is only half the yarn....
I could not put the book down! It was a WONDERFUL book!

понедельник, 14 декабря 2009 г.

Jonathan Lethem "Motherless Brooklyn''

Jonathan Lethem is the author of six novels, including the bestsellers "The Fortress of Solitude", which was a New york Times Book Review Editors' Choice for one of the best books of 2003, and "Motherless Brooklyn", which won the National Book Critics Circle Award and was named novel of the year.
"Motherless Brooklyn" is the story of a man, Lionel Essrog, who is trying to solve the murder of his mentor, Frank Minna.
This book is fun to read and hard to put down. I really enjoyed it!!!

Carol Shields "The stone diaries"

Shields tells the happy, sad, not unusual or interesting story of Daisy from her birth through to her death. Shield allows us to see her childhood, her marriages and children, loves and losses, work and leisure, and finally her old age. We learn her from all sides, from different points of view, and explore Daisy life story which makes us to think of our own life, and more importantly our place in it.
I loved this book.

воскресенье, 13 декабря 2009 г.

Harriet Doerr "Stones for Ibarra"

Harriet Doerr is a wonderful writer. Her novel is a story told with affectionate and patient wisdom, beautifully written. Richard and Sara have come to the small Mexican village of Ibarra to reopen a copper mine abandoned by Richard's grandfather fifty years ago. They left their country and friends, lived among people who both respected and misunderstood them and taught them much about life.
'Stones for Ibarra" is Doerr's first novel, won the 1985 National Book Award for first fiction. Harriet was 75 years old!!!

среда, 2 декабря 2009 г.

Ian McEwan "The Cement Garden"

I am a fan of Ian McEwan. "The Cement Garden" is very disturbing book.
Four childeren, of whom first the father dies and shortly after that their mother. And because they don't want to be separated and live in an orphanage, they decide to hide their death. To keep the mother's death a secret, the two oldest children, a girl and a boy bury her in their garden, cementing over her grave with a bag of cement.
The rest of the story focuses on how the children act when there are no parents.

вторник, 1 декабря 2009 г.

Ian McEwan "The Comfort of Strangers"

Colin and Mary are on holiday in Venice. They are growing weary of each other. They spend long, lazy days in their hotel or wandering the streets, often getting lost. One night they set out late in search of restaurant and lose their way, they meet a man named Robert who takes them to a nearby bar and, later, to his home, he leads them though the city and away from their ordinary lives...
This story stays with you long after you turn the last page.

четверг, 26 ноября 2009 г.

Colfer E. "Artemis Fowl"

Artemis Fowl is a wealthy 12 year old genius, is a criminal mastermind. He plans to discover the secrets of the fairy folk and steal their gold. Besides fairies there are goblins, dwarfs, gnomes, a centaur, trolls. You can enjoy great action, witty dialogue, humor, and some of wonderful characters. You are looking for what crazy thing will happen next!

This novel is a fun read, no matter what your age.


среда, 25 ноября 2009 г.

James Agee "A death in the family"

I could hardly put this book down. James Agee is a very talented writer. His prose is perfect. It was a very sad book, a touching, tragic and moving story,which will occupy a place in my heart. This book is about the young father's death in a car accident and it's impact on his family. We see a small world of happiness and how guickly it could be destroyed.
If you haven't yet read this book, I highly recommend you do.

вторник, 24 ноября 2009 г.

Agatha Christie "Death on the Nile"

I think Agatha Christie wrote the best mysteries in the world. If you are looking for a fun, fast mystery with good character development and numerous twists and turns read "Death on the Nile". Poirot travelled on the Nile when a murder of a recently married, beautiful heiress was committed.
Who would want to do such a thing? Read and you will know answer…

пятница, 20 ноября 2009 г.

Simon Brett "The Body on the Beach"

Do you like to read crime novels as i like? I really enjoyed this one. The main hero Carole Seddon maintains a quite life in the seaside. One day Carole is out walking her dog when she finds a dead body on the beach, she calls the police and when they arrive, they don't take her seriously (unable to find the body). Carole and her neighbor, Jude, decide to catch killer themselves....
This novel is a pleasure to read.

четверг, 12 ноября 2009 г.

Georgette Heyer "Penhallow"

Georgette Heyer is an author of over 50 books, is one of the best-known and best-loved of all historical novelists.
Adam Penhallow died on the eve of his birthday. He ruled over his estate, kept his adult children financially. We know all Penhallow's children, their thoughts,weaknesses, they all hated him. There are more than a dosen suspects, but who murdered Penhallow?
Definitely worth a read for detective stories, mystery lovers.

пятница, 6 ноября 2009 г.

Anne Frank "The diary of a young girl"

This is a really good book to read if you want to learn more about World War II, the suffering that the Jews went through during war. Anne and her family went into hiding in a Secret Annexe in a warehouse. Anne was thirteen years old, she never lost hope and dreamed to be a writer or journalist. For two years Anne described in her dairy her feelings and frustrations during these hard times. Her diary ended when she and her family were discovered by the Nazis.
One of the most touching and unforgettable books!

четверг, 5 ноября 2009 г.

Ken Kesey "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"

This is a very moving story which mades me feel horror, laugh, be shocked while I was reading it. Readers see a group of men living in a psychiatric hospital, each man is there for a different reason, they all need help. In order to escape prison Randle McMurphy decided to spend only six months in hospital and be free. He gets the other men to gamble, breaks the rules. There are many tragic moments in this story.
The ending gave me a lot to think about.
I don't want to retell the plot, you need to experience the story for yourself.

вторник, 3 ноября 2009 г.

P.G.Wodehouse "Carry On,Jeeves"

Wodehouse is the greatest comic writer with wonderful writing style. It’s pleasure to read his book, you can enjoy the way he describes life and people."Carry on, Jeeves" is the set of short stories about Jeeves and Wooster. Stories are so funny and there are so many lines here that made me laugh and laugh aloud.

пятница, 30 октября 2009 г.

Sidney Sheldon "Rage of Angels"

Once i started reading i couldn't stop. I absolutely loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read!! The plot is fast moving and has a lot of twists and turns.
Jennifer Parker is one of the most successful lawyers, ambitious, intelligent, beautiful woman. Her life is shadowed by two men, both of them powerful. They are on opposite sides of the law. One of them is the politician and the other is the mafia boss."Rage of Angels" is one of Sheldon's rare stories that does not have a happy ending.

среда, 21 октября 2009 г.

Michael Ondaatje "The English Patient"

The English Patient is a really wonderful and moving book. It takes place in Italy after WorId War II.I learn the story of the English Patient, but also the stories of the other three inhabitants of the Italian villa where he is recovering. Each inhabitant has suffered from the horrors of war. Part of the story is like a war story and another part is very romantic.
Very beautiful and unforgettable novel!

пятница, 16 октября 2009 г.

Dan Brown "The Lost Symbol"

The Lost Symbol broke sales records, becoming the fastest selling adult-market novel in history, with over one million copies sold on the first day of release. By the end of the first week, a total of two million copies had been sold in the U.S., Canada, and UK.
I have not read this book, but my friend (Susan knows that I like “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown) sent me different articles about Dan Brown and his last book “The Lost Symbol",
which connects with world of symbols, secret societies, art and history. The story takes place in Washington, D.C. and focuses on a secretive brotherhood, Freemasonry. Jason Kaufman, Vice President and Executive Editor at Doubleday said, "Nothing ever is as it first appears in a Dan Brown novel. This book’s narrative takes place in a twelve-hour period, and from the first page, Dan’s readers will feel the thrill of discovery as they follow Robert Langdon through a masterful and unexpected new landscape. THE LOST SYMBOL is full of surprises."
Let’s read together.

четверг, 15 октября 2009 г.

Stephen White “Missing Persons”

“Missing Persons” by Stephen White is a thrilling detective story with amazing and tangled plot. The main hero Alan Gregory is a psychologist, who at the same time tries to investigate the case of a missing girl Mallory and the mystery of his colleague’s death. A lot of different events happen during his investigation, but at long last the mystery is opened.
The book is worth reading both by the students and adults. It may be appreciated by the lovers of detective stories and psychological thrillers.


среда, 14 октября 2009 г.

Helen Hooven Santmyer "...And Ladies of the Club"

Helen Santmyer, a retired English professor, began this novel in her forties and finished it before her death in her nineties. She focuses not only on the lives of two young women (members of a book club) and the various characters in their small town, but also their families, friends, politics, and developments in their town and the larger world.
Good read.

Katherine Mosby "Private Altars"

In this novel Katerine Mosby tells a penetrating story of Vienna Daniels who arrived in Winsville with her new husband and books. Her neighbors had never seen anyone like her - outspoken, big-city sophisticated, strange. Her husband left her and she remained in Winsville to raise her children and tried to find better life.
It's pleasure to read this novel!

понедельник, 5 октября 2009 г.

Richard Russo "Empire Falls"

Russo tells a good interesting story about little town and family in that town. This book is full of rich characters and their relationships. Russo's characters are so real and human.
I think it's not a quick read, but a good read with a dramatic turn at the end.

Laura Hillenbrand "Seabiscuit"

Seabiscuit is an amazing tale of history and it still reads like a great novel. Certainly it is one of the most captivating story I've ever read, story about marvelous animal, his world, about grace and luck, grit and triumph.
Very well written.

O'Henry "Cabbages and Kings"

If you are looking for the best short stories read stories by O'Henry. He is an american best loved storyteller. O'Henry’s stories are delightful, enjoyable and easy to read with entertaining plots and the surprising endings. I highly recommend to nearly anyone!!!

понедельник, 28 сентября 2009 г.

William Styron "Sophie's Choice"

"Sophie's Choice" is a great and heartbreaking, interesting and sad story about Sophie who survived 18 months in Auschwitz before the camp was liberated and her horrifying choice of choosing between her two children; which one would be killed at the crematoriums and which would be allowed to live in the camps of Auschwitz.
I would highly recommend this Pulitzer Prize winner to anyone who enjoys good literary fiction.

среда, 23 сентября 2009 г.

Ian McEwan "Atonement"

Ian McEwan is the bestselling author of more than 10 books. "McEwan writes like an angel and plots like a demon" (The Weekly Standards).
His novel ''Atonement'' is a story of love and war, childhood and class, guilt and forgiveness.
I liked the plotline, his writing style, the deep characters. The book that made me want to read.

Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"

This novel is a pleasure to read, I enjoyed it. Anne Tyler characters are real people with a past and a future. Main hero Macon Leary is a travel writer who hates to travel. He struggles to cope with the death of his son and his wife's leaving him. When he meets Muriel, a dog trainer, he renews and claims his heart.

понедельник, 21 сентября 2009 г.

C.McCarthy "All the Pretty Horses"

McCarthy is a new writer for me and may be now is my favorite. His novel is violent and wonderful at the same time.The main hero McCarthy's novel is John Grady, a Texas cowboy, who travels to Mexico with his best friend. John is a master with horses, good rider and a naive young man frustrated with the world. His mother has left his father, who is dying, and his girlfriend has found happiness with another man....
I like this book and recommend to read.

четверг, 17 сентября 2009 г.

Lewis Carroll "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a wonderful fantasy adventure story about a little girl who creates a magical world around her in her dreams. Each chapter describes a different kinds of characters and adventures. The story of Alice is popular from kids to adults. This book is delightful and I have always enjoyed the story of Alice in Wonderland with all the unexpected characters.

вторник, 8 сентября 2009 г.

“Der Zwerg Nase und andere Marchen”

“Der Zwerg Nase und andere Marchen” – це чудова збірка казок В. Гауфа. Але цю книгу важко читати людям, які володіють німецькою лише на початковому рівні. Крім того, не дуже цікаво читати розповіді про побут і культуру арабського народу. Тому що зустрічається досить багато незнайомих понять, які гальмують процес читання і відповідно зменшують бажання читати далі. Але, звичайно ж, про смаки не сперечаються і, можливо, ця книга стане надзвичайно цікавою для осіб, які полюбляють читати розповіді такої тематики.


A. Christie “Evil under the Sun”

“Evil under the Sun” by A. Christie is a very gripping book, written in a classical Christie’s style. The thing is that the murder is committed not in the first chapters, as it usually is in most detective stories. A reader tries to read as quickly as possible in order to get to the basis of the plot. I must say, that as usual I couldn’t even guess the real murderer. But marvelous Hercule Poirot seemed to know the guilty from the very day of the revealing of the crime. A. Christie deliberately gives a reader a list of the potential suspects in the beginning of the novel. What is more, she describes the characters and hides in those descriptions the motives for committing the crime. Though I couldn’t make out who the murderer was, I liked this story immensely.


четверг, 3 сентября 2009 г.

Philip Roth "American Pastoral"

Philip Roth has created an amazingly powerful story.
The story of Swede, who marries Miss New Jersey, who runs a successful business and lives in his dream home. In his mid-40s Swede understands, that his world has been radically different than he imagined. Beginning with the shock of his only daughter’s bombing of the local post office, killing the town doctor in protest of the war in Vietnam, Swede learns that much of his life has been an illusion.
The book and the characters stay with you long after the book is finished.

пятница, 28 августа 2009 г.

Arthur Hailey "In High Places"

"In High Places" is one of Arthur Hailey's best novels. This is a book about Canadian politics during the Cold War era. The novel focuses not only on world of politics but also on press, court, law, legal administration. I find this book very entertaining with a brilliant study of humans.

John Grisham "A Time to Kill"

I've decided that Grisham is an author I like very much and if you are a Grisham fan, you will not be disappointed. This is not like most of his other works. I like his way of writing when you feel that you know the characters.
This book tells the story of ten year old black girl who is raped by two white men, the story of racial violence in the deep south and struggle of lawyer to save his client's life and then his own.
It is a very good read.

четверг, 20 августа 2009 г.

Haruki Murakami "Birthday Stories"

This book includes the best short stories of recent years writers, each with their own birthday experiences, each story displays events on a single day. You can read stories by Russell Banks, Ethan Canin, Denis Johnson, Andres Lee, William Trevor, Haruki Murakami and think about your birthday. What will you get for your birthday this year? A chance to see into the future? Or a reminder of past?

суббота, 8 августа 2009 г.

Joseph O’Neill "NETHERLAND"

This book I have not read, but there is so much talk about it in literary circles that I wanted to share it with you. Many critics selected it as the best work of fiction from 2008. Below is a short review from the New York Times. I am definitely going to make time to read this book very soon!
O’Neill’s seductive ode to New York — a city that even in bad times stubbornly clings to its belief “in its salvific worth” — is narrated by a Dutch financier whose privileged Manhattan existence is upended by the events of Sept. 11, 2001. When his wife departs for London with their small son, he stays behind, finding camaraderie in the unexpectedly buoyant world of immigrant cricket players, most of them West Indians and South Asians, including an entrepreneur with Gatsby-size aspirations.

Marjane Satrapi "The Complete Persepolis"

Persepolis is a graphic novel that depicts a young women growing up in revolutionary Iran. Some may be hesitant to read a graphic novel, but those that due will find a compelling narrative and memorable characters.
The story is strictly autobiographical, rendered as a memoir of childhood and young adulthood. Satrapi begins her story at age ten, the daughter of well-educated and well-off parents who put a premium on their daughter's religious and academic independence. Marjane's parents prod their pre-adolescent daughter toward a liberal education and encourage her to speak out. However, being a rebel against oppression in Iran leads inevitably to trouble and expulsion from school. Her parents recourse is to pack young Marjane off to Austria, isolated and alone in a foreign and far more secular culture. A series of mostly negative experiences leads her back to her homeland and an unsuccessful marriage during the early years of Iran's fundamentalist revolution with its growing religious oppression. When the young adult Marjane and her parents finally realize that her future lies not in Iran but in Europe, she heads off to France where she still lives today.


пятница, 7 августа 2009 г.

Rick Perlstein "Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America"

This is the ideal book for someone who wants to be entertained and also to learn about a US politics in the 1960s. How can you do both? Certainly, books about US politics are not entertaining? And to that I say: you must read Nixonland.

The sprawling book starts during the Watts riots in 1964 in the shadow of Lyndon Johnson's overwhelming presidential victor, which left America's conservative movement broken. Through shrewdly selected anecdotes, Perlstein shows how Nixon used riots, anti–Vietnam War protests, the drug culture and other displays of unrest as an easy relief against which to craft a campaign for his narrow win of 1968 and landslide victory of 1972. Nixon spoke of solid, old-fashioned American values, law and order and respect for the traditional hierarchy. In this way, says Perlstein, Nixon created a new dividing line in the rhetoric of American political life that remains with us today. At the same time, Perlstein illuminates the many demons that haunted Nixon, especially how he came to view his political adversaries as enemies of both himself and the nation and brought about his own downfall.


вторник, 4 августа 2009 г.

Steve Berry "The Third Secret"

I really enjoyed this book and am moving on to another of Berry's novels now.Berry has created an interesting story with a good plot.The research was done to the history and customs of the Catholic Church. THE THIRD SECRET is a remarkable, fast-moving thriller with murder, suicide, forbidden romances, and a diverse cast of characters, including an evil Pope.

Margared Mitchell "Gone with the Wind"

Gone with the Wind is a romantic drama and the only novel written by Margaret Mitchell. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize and is one of the most popular books of all time.
Gone with the Wind is an American War & Peace. This is the story of the black and white Southerners before, during, and after the war, very rich in historical facts.The prose is beautiful and perfectly in characters, especially in main heroes, Captain Rhett Butler and the beautiful, strong Scarlett O'Hara.

понедельник, 20 июля 2009 г.

Catherine Cookson “The Black Velvet Gown”

The novel is well-known and was filmed. The author tells us about the life story of a young girl. Her mother was a widow and had no money to live on. She had to go to a poor devastated village to work as a housekeeper. The owner of the mansion, being a former professor, liked the family and he wrote his will according to which a young girl inherited everything, but she had to work in a neighboring estate as a laundry girl. At first the main heroine was in despair but she had even a slightest notion of what wonderful events expect for her in future.
The novel is easy to read and I enjoyed it very much. I recommend you to read it.


Patricia Cornwell «Hornet’s Nest»

It is a bestseller. This is my second book. I read «Cruel and unusual» by this author too. Patricia Cornwell knew how to write a good book, which you can read for several days. The main hero of «Hornet’s nest» wants to be a policeman like his father and that’s why he helps police. Also in this book we can see love-line. Sometimes it’s very fanny and sometimes it’s sad. I have read this book for one breathe and have many bright emotions.

Alyona L.

John Fowles «The Collector»

It is a detective novel.
This book is about young man, who liked a girl, who lived opposite him.
This boy was very strange, because he stolen her and wanted her being always with him.
I like this book, cause it is very simple to read and very interesting. If you like mystic stories, my advice is to read this book.

Marina R.

среда, 15 июля 2009 г.

Bram Stocker “The Sorrows of Satan”

The story told from the first person Jeffrey Tempster. He is a writer and he is very poor. No publishing house wanted to publish his literature works. He had to address himself to his best friend who lived in other country. His friend answered him and told him he had an acquaintance that was ready to help him. Jeffrey only had to wait for this man to come.
Having read this novel I was impressed. In this novel we can see the situation when money puts the problem of choice before each man: whether he would become rich and powerful and lose his heart or he would remain poor but would possess all necessary inner qualities and spiritual wealth.


суббота, 11 июля 2009 г.

Andrew M. Greeley “September Song”

Frankly speaking I’ve found nothing special about this book. It is a novel, that contains a lot of political issues and I can’t say I’ve got much pleasure while reading it. It seemed to be rather boring here and there though it was easy to read.


понедельник, 6 июля 2009 г.

Muriel Spark “Novels”

It’s a very interesting book. It can help all people who want to start to study English at home. Stories are attractive, fantastic and amazing. Translating after all sentences helps us to remember new words.
And, so, we can study English every day, even without a teacher. So, you should read this book.


пятница, 3 июля 2009 г.

Ethan Hawke “The Hottest State”

A tender and emotionally deep novel. Very easy to read. For sure you’ll enjoy it. The book tells the story of a young girl who fell in love. The book is considered to be autobiographical in some way.


четверг, 2 июля 2009 г.

Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice”


The book is considered to be one of the best novels and belongs to classical literature. It is very popular among youth and people of elder generations and the novel was filmed few times.
Beyond any doubts the story of two sisters, who despised any display of pride and longed to get married only when falling in love, deserves the highest praise.
It is easy and relaxing.
While reading it you feel like your own dreams come true, though it is not always so in real life. The happy ending of the novel satisfy the reader’s expectations. Someone may find it commonplace but I guess it’ll fit those people who are tired of cruelty and violence.
I have already read few novels by Jane Austen and I’d like to read some more.


понедельник, 15 июня 2009 г.



The gripping new suspense story by the bestselling author of LADY OF HAY and ON THE EDGE OF DARKNESS, is set in richly mysterious Egypt, where past and present elide. Recently divorced, Anna Coburn decides to cheer herself up by retracing a journey her great-grandmother, Louisa, a renowned artist, made in the mid-nineteenth century -- a Nile cruise from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings. Anna carries with her two of Louisa's possessions -- an ancient Egyptian scent bottle, and an illustrated diary of the original cruise that has lain unread for a hundred years. As she follows in Louisa's footsteps, Anna discovers in the diary a wonderful love story from the Victorian past, and the chilling, more distant secret of the little glass bottle. Meanwhile, two men from the tour party are showing a disturbing interest in these mementos, and developing an unfriendly rivalry for Anna's attention. And, most frightening of all, Anna finds herself the victim of a haunting, a spectral presence that grows in strength and threat as the dramatic stories from three different eras intertwine in a terrifying climax.

A very interesting book. Very unusual. Highly recommend to everybody who is fascinated by Egypt and its history.


пятница, 12 июня 2009 г.

D.H.Lawrence "Sons and lovers"

I am sure that this is one of the greatest novel people have ever seen.It is usual and unusual at the same time.It becomes a part of you just you have finished to read it.I was deeply impressed by this book.I am very happy that I have to read it at university,so I advise you to read it and to enter this wonderful world!!!

Arabella Weir "Stupid cupid"

It is one of the best book I have ever read!!!It is a really funny story, not just for women,but for men too.If you want to have a rest,to spend your free time with pleasure I advise you to read this book.You will not be upset,just read it.It is a good opportunity to have fun.


Rosamund Piltcher "Another view"

I think that it is a very interesting book.It opens a world of true love,friendship and relationship between fathers and children.It is a world where emotions sign from the heart.I am sure that this book will help people to realize a lot of neccessary things, and even to solve some family problems.I advise you to read this book.And no doubt it is worth reading.


"Bridget Jones's Diary" by Helen Fielding

Let me share my amusement that I’ve got reading Bridget life story. Bridget is an ordinary girl who is seeking for happiness and true love. Owning to her absent-mindedness and chaotic actions she‘s always bumping into various stupid situations.
Have a chance to entertain yourself and get great enjoyment!

четверг, 11 июня 2009 г.

“The Unconquered” by W. Somerset Maugham

Hello, everybody! It is Julia again. I would share with you my impressions. I have read a novel “The Unconquered” by W. Somerset Maugham. This novel has a deep patriotic sense. The action takes place in France during World War II. The main character is a girl Annette who has patriotic feelings to her motherland. She hates German aggressors. It happened that she was raped by a German soldier and got pregnant. The soldier’s name was Hans. He wasn’t a bad guy and he wanted to marry Annette in some time. But her strong patriotic feelings prevented her from doing it. She gave a birth to her child but then she drowned him. One must have great willpower, courage and fearlessness to accomplish such a deed. She didn’t resign herself to the conquers and remained a patriot nevertheless.


вторник, 9 июня 2009 г.

Nicholas Sparks “A Walk to Remember”

Recently I’ve read the novel “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks. I liked it very much; the author could show the problem of Christianity, tragedy, love and fate. In fact, that novel is inspired by Nicholas Sparks’s sister. The novel tells about two young people, who love each other. Unfortunately, the girl is very ill and she is dying but the boy in spite of it offers her to marry… and in 59 he doesn’t regret about his decision…..You can meet it very rarely in our life…I’d like to read one more book of Nicholas Sparks.

суббота, 6 июня 2009 г.

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

"Карибская тайна" Агаты Кристи - увлекательный детектив, повествующий о приключениях мисс Марпл на экзотическом острове. Как обычно, ничто не предвещает беды, и мисс Марпл даже скучает, но вдруг происходит убийство старого майора Пелгрейва, и единственным человеком, который смог раскрыть тайну этой смерти и двух последующих стала неприметная бабушка.
Этот рассказ полон тайн и загадок. До последнего момента невозможно догадаться, ктоже убийца на самом деле.
Я рекомендую его прочитать всем любителям детективной литературы.
Екатерина Балыкина.

The stolen bacillus and other adventure stories

This book consists of some detectives stories. I like them very much. They are very interesting. And I enjoyed captive plots and at the same time learned new words, improved my English.

вторник, 2 июня 2009 г.

Erich Maria Remarque “Three Comrades”.

Hello! My name is Julia. Recently I have read a very interesting book. It’s “Three Comrades” by Erich Maria Remarque. It’s a lofty novel about true friendship.
The main characters are Robert Lohkamp, Otto Köster and Gottfried Lenz. They have been friends for many years. They got acquainted before the war and kept in touch during the war and after its end. Robert Lohkamp was the owner of tire fitting shop and after the war he took care of his friends. To their last breath they stayed friends and supported each other. To my mind this novel is worth our attention and it is an example of true friendship which we should learn.



This excellent historical novel is linked to real events in 19th-century England, across Europe and the Crimea. But with remarkable restraint Katharine McMahon has resisted the temptation to re-tell the charge of the Light Brigade, and she also spares us Florence Nightingale. Instead, this is the story of Mariella, a highly conventional girl brought up by nouveau riche parents in London in the 1850s, whose fiance, a promising young surgeon, goes to Crimea to try to improve conditions for troops in the Crimean War. While Mariella waits for his return, her wild-child cousin, Rosa, attempts to enlist with Nightingale's pioneering nurse corps, but is refused and then goes anyway. In turn, her stepbrother is already out there in a cavalry regiment. The deafening silence from these three prompts Mariella to break away from her pleasant life to go find them.
London society is beautifully drawn in the early part of the novel, as Mariella goes to church, works on her sewing, obeys her parents and melts with love for her promising young man.

But the structure of the novel is unnecessarily complicated. We have three time periods running simultaneously: the first meeting of the cousins Mariella and Rosa, their time in London later and Mariella's journey into Europe to find Rosa. This division teases the reader with the thought that an explanation for all will ultimately be revealed in the childhood of these girls, but there is nothing very nasty in the woodshed that explains the extreme nature of Mariella's cousin.

A review should not give away the ending, but I cannot give away the ending of this novel because the author has neglected to write one. It's an absence that damages the very great appeal of "The Rose of Sebastopol." I can tell you that one of the characters is dead, one of them is consumptive, one of them is in action, and one of them is heartbroken. We're only certain of the fate of the dead one -- and we don't really mind -- but what about the rest?

but regardless of all the drawbacks of the book mentioned above I highly recommend this literary piece to each and everyone of you who enjoying reading about the Crimean war.


понедельник, 1 июня 2009 г.


Bristol in 1787 is booming, from its stinking docks to its elegant new houses. Josiah Cole, a small dockside trader, is prepared to gamble everything to join the big players of the city. But he needs ready cash and a well-connected wife. An arranged marriage to Frances Scott is a mutually convenient solution. Tradingher social contacts for Josiah’s protection, Frances enters the world of the Bristol merchants. Here she discovers her life and fortune are dependent on the respectable” trade of sugar, rum and slavery—and finds herself in an impossible situation as she loses her heart to her Yoruban slave, Mehuru.

It is a really interesting book that actually made me cry in the end. It shows the cruelty and devastating greed of slave-traders. An absolutely enjoyable read!! Recommend to everybody..

вторник, 26 мая 2009 г.

Bernard Kellermann “Der Tunnel”.

Ich habe dieses Buch sehr gern. Es ist ein bekanntes Buch von Bernard Kellermann. Es war geschrieben in 1913.
Der Hauptheld des Romans ist Allan, ein Ingenieur. Er will einen Tunnel am Grunde des Atlantiks von Amerika nach Europa bauen. Er hat viele Schwierigkeiten und nicht genug Geld. Aber nach 26 Jahren Bauzeit wird der Tunnel schließlich vollendet. Der Autor erzahlt auch über seine Beziehungen mit Bekanntes, Freunden und Verwandten. Das Buch ist ein Roman, wo man viele Dinge finden kann: Liebe, Abenteuer, Träume und vielleicht ein bisschen Märchen.


W. Somerset Maugham “The Painted Veil”

Прочитав данную книгу, можно удивиться: «Страсть и спокойствие, благодетель и отверженность, любовь и ненависть – неужели это все может находиться в одном человеке!».
Данная книга посвящена описанию человеческих страстей и пороков. И наряду с этими качествами, очень гармонично соединяются такие, как любовь к ближнему, стремление помочь человеку во время эпидемии, жертвуя не только собой, но и своей семьей. Что это: непреодолимая любовь ко всему живому на земле, или желание прославиться? Ответ на этот вопрос вы найдете, прочитав эту книгу.

Желаю увлекательного прочтения!

Остапенко Мария
Студентка Института филологии

пятница, 22 мая 2009 г.

Jennifer Lauck "Blackbird"

It is my favourite book. Jenny is a very strong little girl and I was astonished of her behaviour.


Tess Gerritsen "The Surgeon"

This is the extremely exciting detective story about the maniac, who deprived women (all his victims) of their feminine entity in a very cruel way: he made an incesion in their abdomens, took the uterus out of the bodies and left poor victims bleed to death in unbearable sufferings. But one of his victims managed to escape and stay alive, all the time living in a horror, because the perp kept chasing her. One experienced detective managed to stop him (as it should be in all stories of such kind :)) and - what is no less important - fell in love with Catherine Cordell, the only survived victim.
I liked this book immensely, as it has two plotlines, which are equally capturing and exciting: investigation and love. The book is easy to read because of the simple, vivid and expressive style of this american author. You will not regret your choice having made up your mind to read this book:)

Natalia Inshyna, the student of SSPU

среда, 20 мая 2009 г.

Tina Turner, Kurt Loder “Tina Turner”

      The main characters of the book are Tina Turner, her friends and her husband Ike. Tina tells her life story from the very childhood till her 40-s. the book also contains biographical articles and passages written by Kurt Loder.
       Since she was a small child Tina felt lack of her parents’ love and affection. She found out that she had a flair for music. Her future husband Ike was a musician and saw her for the first time during a party. He was captured by her unusual voice and musical skills. Soon he invited her to participate in his musical band. After a while Tina fell in love with Ike but that wasn’t a kind of a person who could confine himself to one woman.


вторник, 12 мая 2009 г.

Theodore Herman Dreiser “An American Tragedy”

A deeply moving novel! I think it will keep you eagerly anticipating every word!!!!!
The main idea of the novel is to show the inner world of an ordinary person, who belongs to the working class of the American society, his emotional struggles and temptations. Clyde is a young man from a working class family but he has got strong ambitions for his future life and career. He worked at a factory and there he got attracted by a poor and very innocent girl, whom he seduced. Clyde initially enjoyed the secret relationships but then everything changed when he fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy man and his uncle’s friend. In some time he realized that his life could be changed for better and all his expectation would come true as they were about to marry. But it turned out that his previous girlfriend was pregnant. The author depicted the complicated situation when a man has to decide whether he should abandon all his dreams and act according to his conscious or he would achieve his goals even committing a crime.
Read the book! You’ll find a breathtaking and fascinating plot there.


среда, 6 мая 2009 г.

High mountain town

I'd like to recommend you  to read the book "High mountain town". I've got a lot of pleasure reading it. The contest is the following: a doctor who's just graduated from medical institute was assigned to work in a small town. He started practice there and faced first medical difficulties. The new staff supposed him to be very professional and skilled but he is only beginning to apply his theoretical knowledge. Finally he became a highly professional and very popular doctor.    


Kazuo Ishiguro "The Remains of the Day"

Stevens, a loyal and dedicated butler serving Lord Darlington for more than 30 years in one of England’s houses. He takes a trip when his American employer is on holiday, during which he looks back on his life, and comes to a new understanding of his relationships with his father, the former housekeeper, Miss Kenton, and with Lord Darlington.

I think this is a very sad story told with very beautiful writing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good literary fiction.


воскресенье, 3 мая 2009 г.

Nicholas Gage “Eleni”

Reading the novel “Eleni” by Nicholas Gage I acknowledged an awful lot of things in my life. If you happen to read it you’ll understand me. It’s not only because of war-epic background that is revealed in the book & can be interesting for those who like World History. Furthermore, the author completely wanted to convey his affection & devotion to his mother but not just it- family relations are obviously showed in the novel as well like the representation of faithfulness, envy, vanity, revenge, love , kind-heartedness & others human virtues & eavels that are existed in contemporary life. Just find free moment to use it productively- reading this book, ‘cause it’s quite constructive even for up-dated youth!

Kotelnikova Kateryna.

Fennimore Cooper “The last Mohicans”

I have recently read a well-known fiction by Fennimore Cooper “The last Mohicans”. The book is with an intricate plot, I’d rather say ‘cause the author describes different adventures of the main characters making his readers to be on the edge & experience all the trails & difficulties together with adventurers. Definitely I enjoyed this romance story immensely & recommend you not lazing about but take a chance on reading this novel. You’ll like it tremendously, I assure you!

Kotelnikova Kateryna

вторник, 28 апреля 2009 г.

Ian Fleming "The Spy Who Loved Me"

It's pretty good. But not as a James Bond story. The story is told through the eyes of a girl who meets Bond at a motel where she got a job to raise money for her trip across the USA. She tells us of her first two love affairs, one with a teenage boy, and one with her German employer. She describes how each one excited her at first, and why each relationship went wrong.

Jane Austen “Northanger Abbey”

The main heroine of this novel is Catherine Morland, a 17-year-old girl who is fond of reading novels and who is dreaming of experiencing some love affair. She was invited to visit her aunt and uncle and spend a season in Bath, England. There the young heroine enjoyed visiting balls, theatres and other entertainments. She got acquainted with a young man and made friends with his sister. Her new acquaintances invited her to spend some time (it was about three month!!!!) in their abbey. Catherine had to undergo severe trials throughout the novel. But in the end she was awarded for all the unfairness and troubles.
The book is very easy to read. The author uses many stylistic devices and you will also enjoy reading numerable comic situations and satirical dialogues.


понедельник, 27 апреля 2009 г.

Theodore Dreiser “Jennie Gerhardt”

Jennie Gerhardt was a young girl from poor family. She worked as a cleaning-lady in a hotel and met Senator Brander. He seduced her and wanted to marry her, but he died shortly after that without doing it. Jennie was left with his illegitimate baby, Vesta. After some time she got acquainted with Lester Kane. They loved each other though they didn’t marry. His father, being very rich and powerful, didn’t like the fact that his son had a love affair with a poor girl. So he told his son to leave the girl otherwise his father would disinherit him.
If you like the beginning of the book then you should read it till the very end to know what happened next.


Archibald Joseph Cronin “The Northern Light”

A relaxing and enjoyable book!
It is very easy to read because of its plot and its language. The author tells the story of an editor of the newspaper “The Northern Light”. The main hero had to overcome difficulties connected with lack of money and to struggle with the competitor. To keep running the newspaper and to save its existence he did all the work himself as he had no money to pay the employees. And he won this battle and his newspaper continued publishing reports and news. But it’s not everything about this book. You will also find there love, hatred, betrayal and a lot of other forms of interactions between the characters of the book.


четверг, 23 апреля 2009 г.

Arthur Hailey "Hotel"

I love reading all of Arthur Hailey's books. "Hotel" has many plot lines and characters that seem to intertwine for a great ending. The characters and the plot are very well developed.On one level it's just a very descriptive outline of 5 days in the life of a luxury hotel in New Orleans in the early 1960s. I don't know who wouldn't enjoy this book.

вторник, 14 апреля 2009 г.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Love in the Time of Cholera”

I haven’t got much pleasure while reading this book.

The novel is rather difficult to read as it contains complicated descriptions and few dialogues. It seemed to me a little bit boring though I can’t deny that the book will strike you with its original and unexpected plot.
The novel is about true love and genuine sacrifices in the name of love. The main characters had to wait for FIFTY YEARS to be together!!!! Could you believe it? As for me I think there could happen nothing like that in real life. But nevertheless it is considered to be a masterpiece of classical literature so you should read a book by Garcia Marquez just to have a notion about his manner of writing.


понедельник, 13 апреля 2009 г.

Henry James “Daisy Miller”

A very good novel indeed! The author creates a richly detailed portrait of Daisy Miller, the main heroine of the novel. The main character does his best to comprehend her complicated inner world, her emotions and the way she acts in particular situations but he fails. He didn’t grasp the main thing about her: Daisy Miller wanted to love and to be loved. In the whole the story is full of drama but I guess you’ll enjoy reading it.


пятница, 10 апреля 2009 г.

Truman Capote "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most famous and influential Capote’s works. It has GREAT characters (Holly, favorite character of Capote, is a woman who makes a holiday of life) and the story is interesting too. It is a short book that can easily be read in one sitting .
If you've seen the movie but haven't read the book, I strongly suggest you read it!!!!

четверг, 9 апреля 2009 г.

Dan Brown "Deception Point"

DECEPTION POINT is an exciting techno-thriller.I did enjoy this book.
It was interesting and had a great ending. Another good book by Dan Brown. The plot is political current day, the characters are believable, the setting was extremely vivid and the touch of romance helped the storyline.
A very good read!!!

Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451"

Fahrenheit 451 is on the list of books that should be read by everyone.This is Ray Bradbury's classic story of a future world where books are banned because they lead to thinking and questioning; world where all people do is watch TV; world where "happiness" is supreme, but no one is happy.
The characters were really well written. I really loved this book.


среда, 8 апреля 2009 г.

W. Somerset Maugham “Rain. Stories”

The book is worth reading. It contains few stories and each one has its own characters and plot. Maugham is a brilliant author and his works are carefully thought out. You’ll discover that the ending of the stories has a clever twist which you would never have guesses. Besides the stories carries deep moral sense. The language of the book contains a number of set-expressions which will be of great use to you.


среда, 25 марта 2009 г.

Dean Koontz "Odd Thomas"

"Odd Thomas" is one of the best books that Dean Koontz has ever written.I think Odd is as unique a character as I've ever read. Odd Thomas is a young man who can see dead people .With this special power he helps ghosts avenge their deaths by bringing justice to them. He has helped a lot of people but he will not be able to help the person he loves the most.
Great read!! Lili

John Galsworthy "The Silver Spoon"

John Galsworthy is my favorite writer. "The Silver Spoon" is the fifth book in The Forsyte Saga, one of the most popular works of 20th-century literature. We meet not only extraordinary members of the Forsyte family, but also can see a detailed picture of the British propertied class.

вторник, 24 марта 2009 г.

Jerome K. Jerome "Three men in a boat"

If you read only one book this year, read Three Men in a Boat!!!
I just finished reading it for i don't remember how many times and enjoyed every minute of it.
Jerome's novel, published in 1889, tells the story of three friends who decide, for various reasons, to sail "up the river" (Thames, that is) in search of adventure.
A comic masterpiece!!

J.Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye"

If you've never read this book, do it. If you've already read this book but it's been a while, do it again.
Novel by J.D. Salinger, published in 1951. The main hero,Holden Caulfield, a teenager growing up in 1950s New York. This book describes Holden's thoughts and activities over few days. Confused and disillusioned, he searches for truth and rails against the adult world. He ends up exhausted and emotionally ill, in a psychiatrist's office. After he recovers from his breakdown, Holden relates his experiences to the reader.

вторник, 17 марта 2009 г.

Agatha Christie “Evil under the Sun”

Agatha Christie is a consummate expert at writing detective stories. If you are fond of detective stories with thrilling plots the book is the very one you are looking for. It is very entertaining to follow the twists of the novel and to enjoy the humorous way Hercule Poirot is holding the investigation.


Jane Austen "Sense and Sensibility"

It is one more sentimental novel by Jane Austen. I enjoyed reading the book and I suppose it to be one of her best novels. Its distinctive feature is that while reading it you experience the unusual sense of lightness. You feel as if you are out of touch with reality cause you imagine the marvelous atmosphere of that time, carefree existence of the heroes, gorgeous dresses and refined ladies. I guess the author is a dab hand in describing the contemporary life. The novel is captivating and everything you concern about is what is going to happen to main heroine next. I recommend you to read this book.


суббота, 14 марта 2009 г.

Arnold Zweig "Der Streit um den Sergeanten Grischa"

Ich glaube, dass dieses Buch fur jene Leute interessant ist, die verschiedene militarische Erzahlungen gern haben. Es ist nicht interessant fur mich. Aber ich kenne viele Menschen, die es gern lesen.

Katschanowa S.

Judith R. Parker "While Hyenas laugh"

It was difficult to find the Russian or Ukrainian translation of this book in the Internet. So, I read it from the very beginning to the end, and I should admit that it's rather simple for understanding. It has a really interesting plot.I like this book a lot. I think it's worth reading.

Kachanova S.

среда, 11 марта 2009 г.

John Grisham "A Painted House"

I like to read books by J.Grisham, he is a good storyteller. I read his books slowly because i don't want them to end.
A PAINTED HOUSE takes place in rural Arkansas in 1952, where the setting is a family's cotton farm. An only child, Luke is introduced to two migrant groups, the hill people and the Mexicans. His childhood is turned upside down when they interact with the Chandler family. Luke watches the world around him, he unravels secrets, which change his family and his town....

пятница, 6 марта 2009 г.

Dick Francis "Second Wind"

If you like thrillers and horses the books by Dick Francis are for you.
TV meteorologist Perry Stuart has never witnessed the catastrophic power of a giant Caribbean hurricane
Until, that is, a fellow forecaster offers him a Caribbean hurricane-chasing ride in a small airplane as a holiday diversion. But a frightening accident teaches Stuart more secrets than wind speeds, and back home in England he faces threats and danger as deadly as anything nature can evolve.

J.K.Rowling "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third novel in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling. I think this book, funny and imaginative story, is adored by children and parents alike. It’s a fantastic new story about Harry Potter and his friends. Harry is about to start his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When Harry gets to Hogwarts School after the summer holidays the atmosphere is tense.For the ominous Dementors have come to Hogwarts to protect Harry from the escaped prisoner Sirius Black — a convicted murderer who also happens to be Harry’s godfather….

вторник, 24 февраля 2009 г.

B. Joyce “The Third Heiress”

Really amazing, gripping story about young woman. The novel proves that everything which is done is done for better.

Anna Golovina

понедельник, 23 февраля 2009 г.

W. Somerset Maugham “The Painted Veil”

I think it is one of the best novels I’ve ever read!
It concerns many aspects of life: love, betrayal, generosity. It is a story of a man worthy of that name. I guess some people will be moved to tears reading this novel as the author tried to show the life as it is without embroidering it so it is sad sometimes. The main characters of the story are Kitty and Wolter. They were married but Kitty didn’t love her husband and believed him to be dull and boring. Kitty fell in love with other man and betrayed Wolter. But after a while she realized what a mistake she had made. She saw the true mean nature of the man she loved and found out what a great man Wolter was. She began loving him but it was too late.I recommend you to read this novel.


воскресенье, 22 февраля 2009 г.

Agatha Cristie "After the funeral"

"After the funeral" is a great story about members of Abernitie family and their secrets. Author in her fancy manner put us in the middle of family drama. Agatha Cristie gives us so many options to guess who is the murderer that at the end of the story you begin to suspect everyone. As usual you can't guess who is the killer to the momennt when Hercules Poirot tells everything.
This is classic mystery by the greatest mystery writer Agatha Cristie with favourite detective of millions people - Hercules Poirot.
This book is easy to read, the terminology is not dificult.
Olga Shkarupa

T. Dreiser Jennie Gerhardt

Well, I suppose nothing much can be added here, because to write something, which was written many years ago concerning the book won’t give anything new. On the whole the book is pretty much absorbing, the language is bright though easy. What else one needs? Just take it and you won’t be able to put it aside until you read it up to the end.


E. L. Doctorow Ragtime

I’m really fond of writers creating serious literature, for such literature deals with life. One of such serious books is this one. I spent my time enjoying it. It made me think over our life – not a bit, I must say. Wonderful though tragic outline of life of that time, brilliant description of the characters – all that drew the whole image of which a reader could not be an eyewitness, still could see the things with his mind eye. Liked it very much.


понедельник, 16 февраля 2009 г.

Oscar Wild “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

The story of Dorian Gray is a story of a young man, who gained great success in life and is rather a negative character than a positive one. He used to enjoy the popularity among women and denied himself nothing. It was due to a magic event that happened to him one day. But at the end the author made him pay for all unfair deeds which he had done.
You’ll for sure like this story and will be fascinated by it, cause it has enough twists to capture your attention. I think the language is very easy and it is worth reading!

воскресенье, 15 февраля 2009 г.

Stephen King "Thinner"

William Halleck a lawyer with a happy family,good husband and loving father, but he is also fifty pounds overweight and needs to lose some weight, or as his doctor keeps reminding him edging into heart-attack field. One day he runs over a gypsie's daughter, and kills her. He is cursed by the girl's father. "Thinner," he says to William. And from then on, William rapidly loses more and more weight to the point of emaciation. William may die, unless someone can do something to remove the curse. And that may take the gypsies. "
"Thinner" is one of Stephen King's best books.

среда, 11 февраля 2009 г.

Haruki Murakami "Dance Dance Dance"

Haruki Murakami is one of the most popular and controversial of today's Japanese authors. His genre-defying, humorous and surreal works is Dance, Dance, Dance written in 1988.
In Japanese fiction, plot development and action have often been of secondary interest to emotional issues and exploration of the characterʼs inner lives..
Time is a powerful character in this novel, from my westernerʼs view point the main characterʼs ability to just wait for how life will reveal his next steps is one of obscene time wealth.
Two mysteries arise, how to survive the un-survivable and the murder of a call-girl and ex-girl friend.
Shadow people come and go, Yuki the 13 year old companion, Kiki the lost girl friend continues to appear and then easily disappear calling our hero through his dreams. Sheep Man helping our protagonist to draw all the divergent lines of his life into an ordered whole.
Our main character, moves about life with no real direction, no passion, no life, just waiting to be healed and his mysteries resolved. The Dolphin Hotel, site of a tryst with Kiki who then disappears leaving the memory of the Hotelʼs attraction as the starting place for his search for closure or healing.
Sheepman, super ego, drawing all the divergent lines of our heros life into an ordered whole. His guide to wholeness, healing and resolution of themysteries.
Yuki, the13 year old girl, a damaged repository of possibility our hero begins to coax .into life, thereby healing himself and experiences the ultimate discovery of a human connection
The themes of loss and abandonment play through the book, loss of his spouse and then girlfriend Kiki heighten these issues.
The book was a pleasurable read ... the story is nothing fancy but the style and delivery was fresh...It's a whimsical theatre of philosophy delivered with just a touch of humor..
"Shovelling snow" takes on a whole new meaning.

Dan Brown "Digital Fortress"

"Digital Fortress" is the most realistic thriller. Susan Fletcher, cryptographer and a brilliant mathematician, is called by the agency, when the code-breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break. What she uncovers sents shock waves through the corridor of power. Susan fights for the agency she believe in, for her life and for the life of the man she loves.

понедельник, 9 февраля 2009 г.

Haikumena. Haiku Poetry Almanac

I don't like poetry, but this book have attracted my attention. This almanac is devoted to traditional japanese poetic form haiku, very nice,smart and philosophical poetry. Here you can find haikus by japanese and russian poets.
Some haikus:
life and death

we got some words
each one is like a novel

lemon slice
nears the bottom of
tea conversation...
Really great!!!!

четверг, 5 февраля 2009 г.

E.T.Doctorow "Billy Bathgate"

I think this book is one of the best Doctorow's novels! Brash fifteen-year-old kid Billy Bathgate has just become part of the inner circle of magnetic gangster Dutch Schultz. Doctorow shows the world of violence, corruption, crime, love,life and death.

вторник, 3 февраля 2009 г.

Thomas Hardy “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”

I was occasionally moved to tears by this novel. It is for everyone who is looking for strong emotions. The novel will pierce your heart and occupy your soul. It is full of drama, love, at the same time it concerns betrayal, cowardice, meanness and other human frailty. The book tells the story of a poor girl. Tess was seduced by a young rich man who abandoned her afterwards. She managed to undergo severe trials and got acquainted with another young man. They fell in love with each other and there supposed to be a wedding, but…
If you want to know what happened then, take and read the book!!!
The language is full description so it is rather difficult to read.

Dan Brown "The Da Vinci Code"

I am fan of Dan Brown, the more i read, the more i had to read.
Harvard professor Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call while on business in Paris: the elderly curator of the Lourve has been brutally murdered inside the museum. Police have found a series of codes alongside the body. Langdon and a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, try to answer to a mistery that stretches deep into the history....
One of the finest mysteries!!!

Roald Dahl “Matilda”

I was crazy about this book. I opened it and then I couldn’t tear myself away from it till I’ve read it till the very end. I’d like to recommend you to read this book. It is almost as fairy-tale but for grown-ups. If you want to escape from daily routine and to entertain yourself a little bit the book is what you are looking for!!!!
The language is very simple, but it enriches your vocabulary with a number of informal words and expressions for sure.
Matilda is a genius girl with idiot parents and she’s having a great time driving them crazy.

понедельник, 2 февраля 2009 г.

Bo Caldwell “The Distant Land of My Father”

It is an unforgettable novel of moving father-daughter relationship. It is written in the first person. The main character of the book is a Chinese girl whose father used to be a millionaire. The scene is set in Shanghai in the 1930s. I enjoyed reading this book very much as it is very easy to read and the language of the novel is not difficult to apprehend. The story fascinates your attention from the first lines and keeps you in constant suspense from the beginning till the very end. I would recommend you to read this book.

среда, 28 января 2009 г.

Akunin "Turkish Gambit"

If you like to read detective prose, this book is for you. Broken-hearted Fandorin ( the main hero) has gone to the front ( the russo-turkish war) in an attempt to forget his sorrow. Captured by the Turks, he wins his freedom in a game of backgammon....
Witty and thrilling novel!!!

Cunningham "The Hours"

M.Cunningham (winner of the Pulitzer prize) has created something original. "The Hours" is the story of three women: Clarissa, who one New York morning goes about planning a party in honor of a beloved friend; Laura, who in 1950s Los Angeles suburb begins to feel the constraints of a perfect family and home, Virginia Woolf, who begins to write her novels. By the end the stories come together. Wonderful smart prose!!!

Philip Roth "The Human Stain"

I like to read books by Philip Roth, just finished “The Human Stain”. I like it very much.It’s history of modern America.Coleman Silk ( the main hero) is retire when his colleagues decree that he is a racist.The charge is a lie, but the real truth about Silk would astonish.He has a secret,one which has been kept for fifty years from his wife,his four children,his colleagues and his friends…You can read this book and judge its worth for yourself.

вторник, 27 января 2009 г.

Leiden des jungen Werthers

Das Buch hat mir gefallen, weil es nicht sehr schlecht ist und eines der bekanntesten Buches Goethes. Das Buch ist psychologisch und romantik. Aber ich mochte es einmals in ukrainisch lesen um Details zu verstehen. Lena

Emma Jane Austen

I’ve read a book “Emma” by Jane Austen. It is a romantic novel about a girl, who was fond of making profitable matches. The language of the book is expressive and is rich in various stylistic turns, so the book is rather difficult to read.