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вторник, 26 октября 2010 г.

Andrea Barrett "Ship Fever"

Loved reading these short stories, some set in the late 20th century, some set in the late 18th. This collection is excellent, all about scientists, many historical stories. Andrea Barrett is one of the best, most intelligent, and most sincere contemporary writers of realist fiction.
"Ship Fever" is my favorite story about the Irish immigrants emigrating to Canada during the potato famine.
Barrett has a beautiful style of writing.

вторник, 19 октября 2010 г.

Peter Matthiessen "The Snow Leopard"

Matthiessen decided to travel through Nepal with his friend to study Himalayan blue sheep and to try to get a glimpse of the mysterious and rare snow leopard. The author never does find the snow leopard but his journey in the Himalaya helps him to begin to find himself and discover the meaning of life. This book works on several levels, as a spiritual text, travelogue, and naturalist text.
What I liked best was Matthiessen's writing style, it’s as poetry in a prose. His language and imagery are extraordinary. This is a book not to be missed.

пятница, 15 октября 2010 г.

Laura Hillenbrand "Seabiscuit"

I loved this book! Seabiscuit is one of the best horse books I could ever read and an excellent example of how interesting non-fiction can be.
Hillenbrand is a wonderful storyteller with a graceful style, she writes the story with a funny, unique tone.
Seabiscuit is about one of the most famous American racehorses, who ran during the 1930's. He was a symbol of hope for many. In addition, Hillenbrand tells the amazing stories of his jockey,trainer, and owner.
I would recommend this for anyone who has ever been interested in horses or racing, anyone who enjoys reading about American history.

среда, 6 октября 2010 г.

Edward P.Jones "The Known World"

"The Known World" tells the story of two plantations: one owned by Henry Townshend, a young, black slaveholder, the other by William Robbins, Henry's former master. The plantation is the center of the book connecting families and individuals to one another. The book is really a series of stories about the families, friends, neighbors surrounding Henry and his wife Caldonia. It looks closely at the complicated relationships between free and enslaved people of that time period.
A very good read, especially for those who are interested in that time period of American history.

понедельник, 4 октября 2010 г.

Stanley Elkin "Mrs.Ted Bliss"

It is a very good book. Mrs. Ted Bliss is a smart woman but does not quite realize that she is. An elderly Jewish widow lives out her retirement in Miami Beach. The story tells of her coping with old age, her grown children and grandchildren, starting life anew after the death of her husband. Elkin creates a comic plot with a deep character of a woman overcoming loss, a woman who is both recognizable and unique.
This is one of those books that taught me about writing.