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воскресенье, 3 мая 2009 г.

Nicholas Gage “Eleni”

Reading the novel “Eleni” by Nicholas Gage I acknowledged an awful lot of things in my life. If you happen to read it you’ll understand me. It’s not only because of war-epic background that is revealed in the book & can be interesting for those who like World History. Furthermore, the author completely wanted to convey his affection & devotion to his mother but not just it- family relations are obviously showed in the novel as well like the representation of faithfulness, envy, vanity, revenge, love , kind-heartedness & others human virtues & eavels that are existed in contemporary life. Just find free moment to use it productively- reading this book, ‘cause it’s quite constructive even for up-dated youth!

Kotelnikova Kateryna.

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