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пятница, 22 мая 2009 г.

Tess Gerritsen "The Surgeon"

This is the extremely exciting detective story about the maniac, who deprived women (all his victims) of their feminine entity in a very cruel way: he made an incesion in their abdomens, took the uterus out of the bodies and left poor victims bleed to death in unbearable sufferings. But one of his victims managed to escape and stay alive, all the time living in a horror, because the perp kept chasing her. One experienced detective managed to stop him (as it should be in all stories of such kind :)) and - what is no less important - fell in love with Catherine Cordell, the only survived victim.
I liked this book immensely, as it has two plotlines, which are equally capturing and exciting: investigation and love. The book is easy to read because of the simple, vivid and expressive style of this american author. You will not regret your choice having made up your mind to read this book:)

Natalia Inshyna, the student of SSPU

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