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вторник, 12 мая 2009 г.

Theodore Herman Dreiser “An American Tragedy”

A deeply moving novel! I think it will keep you eagerly anticipating every word!!!!!
The main idea of the novel is to show the inner world of an ordinary person, who belongs to the working class of the American society, his emotional struggles and temptations. Clyde is a young man from a working class family but he has got strong ambitions for his future life and career. He worked at a factory and there he got attracted by a poor and very innocent girl, whom he seduced. Clyde initially enjoyed the secret relationships but then everything changed when he fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy man and his uncle’s friend. In some time he realized that his life could be changed for better and all his expectation would come true as they were about to marry. But it turned out that his previous girlfriend was pregnant. The author depicted the complicated situation when a man has to decide whether he should abandon all his dreams and act according to his conscious or he would achieve his goals even committing a crime.
Read the book! You’ll find a breathtaking and fascinating plot there.


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