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вторник, 5 февраля 2013 г.

Sally Spedding "Wringland"

Abbie Parker has just started her new job as sales negotiator for a prestige housing development in sinister and vaporous Black Fen – rumoured to be the most haunted corner of England. One morning she arrives to find her office door ajar and a strangely dressed woman waiting inside, intent on laying claim to just one particular plot.

As the days go by Abbie has further strange experiences both on the building site itself and in the surrounding wet-lands. Not only must she cope with the unwelcome attentions of a weird local clergyman and the erratic behaviour of her visiting boyfriend Simon but also with a hazy sense that she is now somehow in conflict with the vengeful spirit of a woman betrayed over a century earlier.

After the terror of risking her life by befriending the cleric’s disturbed little daughter, Abbie finally enjoys a brief period of happiness with Simon. But can their mere human love and courage prove sufficient – as both are drawn deeper into the profoundest evil?
Uncle Bens

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