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понедельник, 25 февраля 2013 г.

Arabella Weir "Stupid Cupid"

Why do we always want something even more when we can’t have it? Hat Grant is getting married. She is having a proper, big wedding. That is until something goes wrong. Six weeks before the day her fiancé Jimmy Mack dumps her. Hat is devastated. It can’t be happening. This is her special day. She can’t cancel everything – what about the flowers, her dress, the photographer, the caterers, her ghastly mother? So, she doesn’t. She decides to go ahead with the wedding plans come what may. Can anything stop Hat from her descent into madness or is she spiraling towards the world’s first solo wedding ceremony? Stupid Cupid is a wicked , laugh-out-loud comedy about denial, blind hope and wanting something you can’t have.

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