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среда, 9 июля 2014 г.

Marcus Zusak "The Book Thief"

“The Book Thief” is set in Nazi Germany, at the start of World War II and tells the story of Liesel, a little girl who is taken to a new home because her mother can't afford to take care of her. She never knew her father, her mother disappears after delivering her to her new foster parents, and her younger brother died on the train to place where the foster parents live. On the journey to her new home, Liesel  steals her first book. When her foster father helps her learn to read, Liesel begins stealing books from Nazi book burnings and the mayor’s wife’s library. As she becomes a better reader, she becomes a writer, writing a book about her life in such a miserable time….Reallly wonderful book, it will move you to laughter and tears at the same time.
This book has changed my soul. It’s an amazing book, a beautiful and important book, I will read it again. “The Book Thief” is a powerful book for teens and adults looking for deeply moving read.

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