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четверг, 16 мая 2013 г.

Dean Koontz "Icebound"

Suspense! If you are a fan of the genre, in that case I recommend to read a novel by Dean Koontz “Icebound”.
A widespread drought is causing murderous famine. There is one possible solution: giant masses of Arctic ice, split from the polar pack by high explosives, could be moved south to parched coastlines and melted for water.

In an Arctic ice field a special team of eight scientists has planned a number of powerful bombs that will detonate automatically at midnight. But before they can withdraw to the safety of their base camp – Edgeway Station – a shuttering tidal wave breaks loose the ice on which they are working. Now they are hopelessly marooned on an iceberg during the worst winter storm of the decade. The bombs in the ice beneath them are buried irretrievably deep … and ticking.

 Abruptly thrown into a desperate struggle for survival, the Edgeway scientists are further plagued by the discovery that one of them is a ruthless killer hellbent on a strange mission of his own…
The reading of the novel swept me along with a breathless pace …


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