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понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

J. Fenimore Cooper “The Last of the Mohicans”

Skirmishes, captures, flights and rescues are only some of the ingredients in this classic tale of bloody conflict between the British and the French in the forests of North America. The story also tells of the cynical exploitation of the native tribes by the two protagonists, setting Indian against Indian, Mohican against Huron. However, there is one honorable European, Natty Bumppo, the loyal and courageous woodsman, who prefers the simple code of natural law to the machinations of the white man. Together with Uncas, the last of the Mohicans, he helps to thwart the efforts of Magua, the sinister Huron, who is intent on preventing Alice and Cora Munro from joining their father, the British commander of Fort William Henry. Oleg

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