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среда, 3 августа 2011 г.

Wally Lamb “She's Come Undone”

Wally Lamb presents the reader with a character who has lost all hope. I like Delores. She started out with a normal enough life. She was the only child in a normal family. Mother and father were together and happy, and Delores enjoyed spending time with them. But when her father decides to leave her and her mother, Dolores is not quite sure how to carry on.
The author has created an incredibly true and memorable young woman who has many of the same thoughts and feelings of your average female reader. I truly understood the feelings and thoughts of Dolores. It's amazing to me that a male author could write such engaging female character.

I think this story is a tragedy and a chance for the readers to think about the tragedies and sadness of our own lives.

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