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пятница, 6 мая 2011 г.

Steven Millhauser “Martin Dressler”

Martin Dressler is a young man at the turn of the twentieth century with big ideas and dreams. Starting as a cigar boy in his father’s shop, Martin Dressler, the son of an immigrant, goes to work as a bellboy in a Manhattan hotel. He begins to realize his dreams, moving up first in the hotel's chain of command and then moving out on his own as an owner first of a cigar stand, then restaurants, then grander and grander hotels.
This book is about the energy of New York, the drive to achieve a dream, the power of the
imagination. The descriptions of New York city and some of the groundbreaking innovations at the turn of the century were wonderful.
One of the few Pulitzer Prize-winning novels that I thought was truly worthy of a Pulitzer

This is clearly and elegantly written

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