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четверг, 9 декабря 2010 г.

William Wharton "Birdy"

Birdy” is a story of childhood friendship, family, war, love, obsession and madness. The novel tells of the lifelong friendship of two boys, Al and Birdy. From a young age, Birdy is obsessed with birds and with the flights. Both boys went to war and Birdy, who comes back from Vietnam started think that he is a bird, an animal that has obsessed him since childhood. Birdy is confined to a military hospital, where he spends his time sitting naked in his room, not acknowleding anyone. Birdy actually becomes birdlike, refusing to act as a human, moving and acting like a parakeet. His best friend Al , also a wounded Vietnam soldier, visits Birdy every day, he is expected to bring Birdy back to his normal state of mind.
A stunning novel...

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